Reduced Rate Family Law Arbitration Services During COVID-19

Reduced Rate Family Law Arbitration Services During COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned our communities upside down. This is hard on everyone. If you are a family lawyer representing parents dealing with separation and divorce, or parents trying to deal with these issues on your own, you face a particular set of challenges because of:

  • Uncertainty
  • Inability to get an interim decision with the courts closed, and
  • Public health issues raised by in-person meetings – whether with clients or other parties.


How we can help

At RLR we are keeping our family law practice going using Zoom and other tools.

For Lawyers

Stephen McPhee, Q.C. is keeping his regular Med/Arb services available using Zoom meetings to conduct mediations remotely, in a online joint video conference room.

For Separating and Divorcing Parents

Stephen McPhee, Q.C. is also offering abbreviated mediation and/or arbitration services to anyone who needs a quick, efficient resolution of an issue, where negotiations have broken down  and you can’t get an interim ruling in court, or you cannot afford a full Med/Arb process.

We offer a flexible process to assist in resolving discrete issues at a reduced hourly rate during these challenging times.

How it works

  1. Parties contact Stephen McPhee, Q.C. and express interest. All communications need to be by email ([email protected]) and shared with both parties to ensure there is no apprehension of bias;
  2. Each party would then send Stephen an email setting out the issue and their position;
  3. Stephen may ask for clarification from each party, by email, with respect to their submissions.
  4. Stephen will convene a joint, Zoom meeting (it is free to use) where parties can make brief oral submissions and he can ask questions to clarify issues and gather full information;
  5. Depending on the complexity of the issue and the preference of the parties, Stephen can make a brief oral ruling on Zoom, followed by an email written determination; or he can take a few days to write up a more detailed decision and sent that to the parties (or counsel) by email.

There is also flexibility to allow for an agreement during the exchanges as well – an abbreviated mediation if that is preferred.

During this COVID-19 restricted period, Stephen McPhee, Q.C. is offering these services at a reduced rate to acknowledge the difficulties people are experiencing and their need for decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.

Next Steps

For more information, please email Stephen at [email protected] to discuss the process.

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