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Andrew Buchanan


Throughout my career I have been involved in a wide variety of litigation.  My clients cover a full spectrum from individual clients who have never been involved with litigation and are dealing with Court processes for the first time, to large institutional clients for whom litigation is an unfortunate but necessary aspect of their business. I represented clients at mediations, arbitrations, Administrative Tribunals, as well as at Provincial, Superior, and Appellate courts in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

I deal with all manner of disputes that arise in the workplace, including terminations for cause or without cause, workers compensation issues, and extended medical and disability benefit disputes. I help employees and employers negotiate fair severance terms, and represent employees and employers in litigation where disputes over severance or cause for termination cannot be resolved through negotiation. I advise and represent employees who are injured and seeking disability benefits through WCB or group benefit providers.

I represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil and commercial disputes including breach of contract, construction disputes, and personal injury claims.

My practice involves all stages of the litigation process:

  • advising clients who are considering commencing a lawsuit, or who anticipate that they might be exposed to a lawsuit from someone else;
  • commencing or responding to lawsuits;
  • ensuring clients can effectively pursue all pre-trial remedies and processes that that are available to them; and
  • representing clients at trial and advising them in respect of dealing with any judgements awarded in their favour or against them, including options for appeal.

In all cases I work with my clients to ensure they are well advised as to what their legal options and obligations are at every stage of the process.

  • LL.B., Dalhousie University, 2006
  • B.A. (Honours), History, University of Victoria, 2003
  • 2007, British Columbia
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