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Our lawyers recognize the importance of family within First Nation communities and are committed to assisting First Nations in establishing laws and policies for on-reserve family law matters and matrimonial interest and property rights. We can work with First Nations to develop those laws and policies in a form that is consistent with the customary laws, practices and norms of each First Nation community.

Our lawyers can provide legal services in the following areas:

  • First Nation Governance
    • Creating new laws, regulations, and policies that reflect the needs of the First Nation community and their customs, traditions, and practices in connection with family law and matrimonial property matters, including dispute resolution.
    • Creating laws, regulations, and policy in connection with childcare, child protection, and child welfare.
  • First Nation Individual Members
    • Informing individual members of the laws, regulations, and policies adopted by First Nations in connection with family law and matrimonial property matters.
    • Assisting individual members in customary adoptions.

Areas of Law Related to Family Law and Matrimonial Property

When it comes to protecting your family and providing future support, you should also consider what arrangements you need to make for your estate and whether your existing arrangements will ensure that your wishes are respected if something happens to you. Taking a look at the legal impact of what you have in place is particularly important if your family situation has recently changed or you know it will change in the near future. For example, you’ve just gotten married, had a child, lost a parent and so on. In these situations, you may benefit from the advice of members of our team who practice in the Wills, Estates, and Capacity Planning area.

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