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At RLR Lawyers, we recognize the possibilities for Indigenous entrepreneurs are ever-changing and constantly expanding. We can assist Indigenous entrepreneurs in building their businesses in ways that contribute to their long-term sustainability and overall success. Specifically, we can provide legal services in the following areas that promote and protect Indigenous entrepreneurs:

  • Intellectual property:
    • Assistance obtaining trademarks, establishing domain names and maintaining websites,
    • Advice and assistance selecting names and branding;
  • Business opportunities:
    • Assisting entrepreneurs with applications for grants, funding, and loan opportunities,
    • Assisting with negotiating contracts and partnerships;
  • Developing entities that reflect Indigenous tradition, customs, and practices while adhering to legal requirements:
    • Unincorporated structures (sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts);
    • Corporate structures, company articles, and shareholder agreements.

Workshops for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

We can also offer our expertise in planning and facilitating workshops to assist Indigenous entrepreneurs in creating sustainable, culturally sensitive business models and corporate structures, from the first stages of incorporation to complex business transactions.

Other Legal Services Related to Business Law

Depending on what type of business is involved, we can call on other members of our team to help with related matters like Employment Law, Governance and Lands and Estate Planning. You can find an overview of all our services here.


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